Clients of Enterprise Europe Network - Ruse are listed below. Cooperation profiles published in the Enterprise Europe Network database can be found next to the company/organization description, where available.

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Number Description Company profile
32 Bulgarian tour operator offers bespoke tours, activities and experiences on the whole territory of Bulgaria. It focuses on alternative tourism with local communities to make its customers’ stay unforgettable and enriching.
35 A Bulgarian travel company specialised in offering holiday packages to two main destinations - Romania and Turkey. With its tour operator's brand, the company focuses on organising weekend bus trips to the most famous tourist attractions in Romania. The company specialises in offering holiday packages with charter flights and bus transport to the biggest Turkish resorts, as well as seasonal programmes to Istanbul, Cappadocia, Ancient Lycia and other destinations. The company also sells Bulgarian tour operators' packages to favourite destinations throughout Europe, Africa, America and Asia.
**Creative Industries**
37 Bulgarian non-profit association with the main mission of popularizing and affirming Bulgaria as an ancient and at the same time modern and cosmopolitan European cultural region. It conducts studies, prepares analyses, expertise for the development of strategies and programs for sustainable tourism, protection of heritage, culture, education and the environment on a national or regional scale and assists in their implementation; participates in the implementation of programs and projects for the development and improvement of the quality of festivals, cultural and tourist events in Bulgaria.
36 Bulgarian foundation supports the organization and implementation of events - educational, environmental and natural science initiatives of local residents and young people, as well as their collectives in the field of art, culture and tourism, natural, technical and economic sciences, aimed at the development and prosperity of the region of Primorska Dobrudzha.
34 Bulgarian factory that specializes in producing high-quality wooden furniture, accessories and souvenirs for households. The factory has machines that are very efficient and enable the production of furniture with high quality and precision. Their furniture is made of high-quality materials and certified natural oils, without harmful residual odours. Their efforts and handicraft in production create perfection and uniqueness of their products.
1 Bulgarian company produces wooden products - furniture, interior design, wooden toys. It has its own production base, including a modern production room that meets the current regulatory requirements for the activity, supplied with the necessary technological equipment.  <a href="" target="_blank">Profile</a>
13 Bulgarian non-profit association works towards development and recognition of civil society. It established a Creative Center and hosts a number of training programs in the field of animation, game creation, 3D and graphic design.
49 The company is an official representative and certified service partner of world-famous manufacturers of machines, consumables and media for wide format digital printing and finishing machines. The company was established in 2004 with main scope of business “trade with materials and machines for the advertising industry”. It has originally been registered with Head Office in the commercially strategic Bulgarian town of Ruse and opened branches in Serbia, Macedonia and Malta.
**Fashion and Textiles**
33 Bulgarian experienced textile processing company offers a wide range of the circular textile activities - collection, sorting, pre-processing and is now developing a full-scale recycling facility. It offers second-hand items, renovated textile garments with extended life-span, non-woven products from frayed fibres, etc.
19 Since 1998 this Bulgarian company specialises in the production of high quality female fashion. Their value chain combines the latest technological innovations of the sewing industry with the highest quality and precision. That makes them a desired and at the same time a reliable partner for production of high and middle standard clothing.
23 Bulgarian company is a modern production factory, equipped with the latest technology in the sewing industry. Products include: Garment lines: Men's, Women's, Children's; Product types: Suits, Jackets,Trousers, Vests, Coats, Skirts; Fits: Classical, Slim, Modern fit; Styles: Ceremonial, Classic, Business, Casual.
47 The company has 2,000 m² of space and a staff of 75 people. They have over 20 years of experience in the cutting and making garments for the European market. The company specializes in two areas: 1) confection of blouses, dresses, t-shirts, underwear, pajamas, etc.; 2) confection of trousers: uniform, fashion, sports, classic.
48 This Bulgarian company is a proven leader in the production of high quality women’s and children’s clothing. It provides its clients with complex solutions in the field of women’s clothing production. They are their desired partner in the transformation of the design idea into the finished product. Their team works to ensure the best quality in the shortest possible time. The company enjoys the trust in their work from world famous brands.
**Agriculture and Food**
41 Professional Bulgarian school with over 140 years of history is specialized in training in general farming, agriculture equipment technicians, veterinary technicians and laboratory technicians. The school was a place of first-time introduction of many contemporary technologies in Bulgaria, such as the first incubator, many cheese production technologies, the first heavy-pack horses, merino sheep, Simmental cattle, artificial calf feeding, the first intensive fish-pond.
40 Bulgarian research-scientific institute develops scientific, applied and service activities in the field of breeding of field crops and vine, seed science and agrotechnics. 
4 Bulgarian family-owned company plants, cultivates organic Helichrysum Italicum and Lavender and produces essential oils and hydrosols from them.  <a href="" target="_blank">Profile</a>
24 Bulgarian company specialises in the production of various types of flours on a rolling mill and stone mill. They produce over 10 types of craft bread with sourdough, using their own fermentation process and technology. The company also produces over 10 types of burger cakes with sourdough and sells packaged products from spelt.
11 Bulgarian company produces and ages in barrels white, red and rosé wines. <a href="" target="_blank">Profile</a>
9 Bulgarian producer of wine brandy, red, white wine, rose wine and sparkling wine with 400 ha. its own vineyards.
8 Bulgarian family-owned certified organic producer offers two varieties of plums from their own orchard, made of 35,000 trees. 
5 Bulgarian company is a producer of healthy organic cold-pressed unrefined oils from various seeds and nuts, suitable for direct sales or to be used as raw materials in the food, confectionery, medical and cosmetics sectors.  <a href="" target="_blank">Profile</a>
2 Bulgarian company was established in 1995 and from 2002 it deals with growing lasting plantations of Aronia (black chokeberry) fruit and producing natural organic beverages from fresh Aronia fruits. The company has been registered for organic production since 2005. Their product with natural content of vitamins is Organic Juice of FRESH ARONIA fruits (Aronia melanocarpa). <a href="" target="_blank">Profile</a>
**IT, Electronics and Digital**
28 Bulgarian company offers software development and consultations. From web platforms to mobile apps, their portfolio contains a variety of exciting products they have built for their renowned international clients.
25 Bulgarian company has a small team of young and enthusiastic people.Their main specialty is ERP systems, but you can also find software from other fields in their portfolio.Recently, they also offer the implementation of blockchain technology in products already built by them or current ones.
6 Bulgarian company offers cloud service for remote work. The service enables users to work from any device with a high level of data security. The company transfers accounting, payroll and storage programs from desktop computers to their cloud servers. Windows and Linux desktop software products run smoothly on their servers, as well as tax and social security administration products and electronic signatures.
3 Bulgarian professional electronics manufacturer offers production and assembly of high-quality PCBAs. It is also specialized in the delivery of all types of bare PCBs. <a href="" target="_blank">Profile</a>
50 Digital Agency is a leading company in the development of websites. The company is able to develop projects - from planning and development to optimization and maintenance in various business niches thanks to their well-selected team of specialists. The company also offers the creation of ads on Facebook and Google. <a href="" target="_blank">Profile</a>
**Construction, Metal Working and Processing**
45 Bulgarian company is manufacturer of suspended aluminium ventilated facade profile, powder coated in wood patterns. The suspended aluminium ventilated facade systems allow application in any building. The rich palette of colours and patterns are also suitable for administrative and commercial buildings, hotels and private homes. <a href="" target="_blank">Profile</a>
42 Bulgarian company manufactures and trades with woodworking machines and cast iron castings.
38 Bulgarian company specializes in the production of wires (black annealed, hard, HDG), nails (common. duplex, roofing and many others) and steel fibers for concrete reinforcement. <a href="" target="_blank">Profile</a>
31 Bulgarian company specialized in the manufacture of electrical and thermal insulating materials, such as fixed and uncoated fiberglass sleeves, polyurethane and silicone fiberglass sleeves, silicone hoses, profiles and cables. <a href="" target="_blank">Profile</a>
26 Bulgarian company's main specialization is in the field of street lighting and park equipment.They have 25 years of experience in the field of production and trade of street lighting and park equipment.The company has been lighting streets and squares in many countries around the World. In their catalog you can find a wide range of models and varieties of: Street lighting, Light poles, Lanterns, Brackets and frame, Fences, Benches and Trash cans.
20 Bulgarian experienced producer of formwork systems, telescopic props and scaffolds offers 5 types of scaffolding systems.  
16 Bulgarian company, one of Southeast Europe’s largest and best-equipped chemical companies, manufactures specialty chemicals and coatings. 
15 A Bulgarian company established in 1999 on the basis of family traditions in the production of stoves and fireplaces. The production base and the showroom are located in the town of Targovishte. Every year the models increase and diversify to become among the best in the country and Europe. The products are valued and sought after throughout the country and abroad.
10 Bulgarian manufacturer of polyvinyl acetate /pva/ glue and innovative eco glue and vegan glue, with excellent adhesive characteristics. <a href="" target="_blank">Profile</a>
7 Bulgarian company produces precision turning and milling parts and supplies components to clients in electronic industries, machinery builders, hydraulics, medical equipment builders and automotive. <a href="" target="_blank">Profile</a>
46 The company specializes in the construction of heating systems and production of biomass heating equipment. Their production base is equipped with the most modern metalworking machines.With attention to detail, and in step with the development of modern technologies, they design and manufacture innovative equipment with high efficiency, precise quality, and modern design: pellet boilers and fireplaces, warm air generators, working with wood and agro pellets, suitable for heating industrial and agricultural premises.
30 Bulgarian company offers services of international cargo transportation of various cargo by road.
18 Bulgarian company offers chartering of sea and river vessels, commercial shipping, other transactions with ships, forwarding, agency, intermediation in the hiring of ship crews and consulting services.
44 Bulgarian company specialized in design, manufacturing and supply of mounting structure for PV power plants as well as of metal components for the water utilities, Rroad construction and other specialized metal components. 
27 Bulgarian company specialised in the production and sale of electricity from all types of renewable energy sources, service and technical support.
21 Bulgarian company with vast experience in the renewable energy sector, one of the pioneers in the field of renewable energy sources in Bulgaria. It has built a number of photovoltaic plants that have been successfully operating for years.
**Other sectors and NGOs**
43 Small Bulgarian company specialised in several activities - manufacture of apparel, construction activities, retail and wholesale trade, warehousing and support activities for transportation.
39 Bulgarian association works for the spiritual growth of society, for social assistance to the people in need, for education in the field of spiritual work, culture, history and traditions, establishment and development of related spiritual and cultural communities in the country and abroad, social integration and researching the problems of disadvantaged people, as well as protection of their human rights.
29 Bulgarian university is an autonomous state higher school. There are eight faculties in the structure of the University: Agrarian and Industrial Faculty, Faculty of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering Electronics and Automation, Faculty of Transport, Faculty of Business and Management, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Education, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Public Health and Healthcare, two Branches of Ruse University in Silistra and Razgrad and a Bulgarian and Romanian Inter-university Europa Centre.
22 Bulgarian company possesses storage facilities and deals with wholesale and retail trade of food (frozen vegetables and semi-finished products) and industrial goods, mainly on customer orders. Some of them are: heating materials - various types of pellets, eco briquettes, coal and wood; building materials - cement, aggregates, bricks, tiles, plasterboard and profiles, wood panels, etc.; ironmongery - wide range of building and ironmongery products.
17 Bulgarian Association dealing with national and international projects and activities in the field of youth affairs, policy and research; environment; social services; tourism.
12 Bulgarian recruitment agency offers high-end and complex recruitment solutions on expert, mid and top levels through different types of methodologies. Their main goal is to recruit the best possible professionals using optimal resources for their client – the employer. The company serves both large and small organizations across all industry sectors. They have licences for recruitment in Bulgaria and Europe.
14 Bulgarian company dealing with leasing transactions, internal and external trade, consulting, project management and strategic planning.