Basic Information

1. Doing business in Bulgaria
The official governmental website for foreign investments:
Another webportal dedicated to foreign investments and doing business in Bulgaria, which is private -
a more detailed section from it:

2. Link of the Single Point of contact for the Services Directive, the National portal of e-government for providing of electronic administrative services to citizens and business -

3. Property Ownership by Foreigners
Important links, which enterpreneurs may consult are:

4. The main fees for the registration of a company are:
Limited Liability Company:

• In the bank - about BGN 10 for opening a fundraising account (depending on the bank). The minimum capital investment (BGN 2) is also paid here.
• At the notary - the price for issuing a sample signature is BGN 6 with VAT per piece.
• State fee for company registration - the fee is BGN 110. When submitting documents online, the price is BGN 55.
An additional fee is paid if you want to keep a trading company, ie. name in the Commercial Register. The on-site service costs BGN 40, and online - BGN 20.

Joint Stock Company (JSC):

State fee - BGN 360
Minimum capital - BGN 50 000, but upon registration BGN 12 500 can be paid and the rest can be paid within 2 years.

Useful Documents

Concession Regime

Entry And Residence Of Foreigners In BG

Investment Incentives

Investor Program For Residence And Citizenship

Labor Legislation

Law For The Ownership

Real Estate Ownership

Set Up Of Companies

Value Added Tax

Value Added Tax Refund